Home Refresh: From Winter Drab to Spring Fab Cleaning out closet, box of clothes for donation

Home Refresh: From Winter Drab to Spring Fab

As the winter snows begin to melt and the warmth of spring starts to set in, it is a perfect time to hit the refresh button and start anew. Spring is often associated with the idea of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect time to embark on new projects and clear away any clutter from the previous season.

With this inspiration to become active, there comes a need to hit the “refresh” button each spring. The winter thaw transitions us from a time of feeling stuck in our homes to a time of productivity around the house. This productivity can come in the form of new home projects, organizing and purging belongings, changing your designs or furniture, or simply giving everything a really good cleaning so that everything feels fresh.

While we don’t presently offer one-time services such as “Spring Cleanings”, this time of year is a great time to look at starting cleaning services if it’s been on your mind. It’s also a great time for current customers to utilize our services for areas that aren’t in the regular plan. Maybe there is a basement that we don’t regularly do, or perhaps the interior of a refrigerator or oven. 

We are happy to help our regular customers with these needs upon request.

In between cleanings, here are some helpful tips for a home refresh.

Tips for a Spring Home Refresh: 

  • Declutter or downsize where you can. Take a look at the items in your home — which do you use often and which have you not touched in a while? Separate these out and adjust where needed. Bonus — Freeing up space and accomplishing a declutter is quite the dopamine boost!

“I have this one cabinet solely for bottles and special cups. It’s stocked full, three shelves high. Yet, I routinely use 2-3 of my near-hundreds of bottles. I decluttered this cabinet and donated what I don’t use. I freed up two shelves, allowing me to spread out some items that were piling up in other cabinets!” – Katherine B.

  • Invest in organizational pieces. Utilizing organizational pieces like drawer organizers, shoe caddies, dividers, and containers can create a designated spot for specific items in your home. 
  • Change out your lighting. The type of bulb you choose can impact the overall feel of the room. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm, yellowish light, while LED bulbs can produce a range of colors, from warm to cool. Choosing the right bulb can enhance the look of your room, ultimately highlighting all of its cleaned and refreshed features.
  • Create a catch-all entryway. Simplify the pick-up by creating a space to drop your keys, place your shoes, and hang your coat. Not only does this allow for a special place for your daily used items, but it may save you from asking “Where are my keys?!” 
  • Develop cleaning routines for you and your family. Schedule certain times and days to accomplish cleaning tasks like discarding old food from the fridge, picking up toys, washing bedding, etc. Sticking to a cleaning schedule allows you to enjoy your free time and avoid cluttering. 
  • Leave the rest to us!

Count on Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew to give your home the clean refresh it needs. From cleaning ceiling fans to wiping down baseboards, our cleaning pros leave your home spick and span. We offer more than just house cleaning services. We aim to provide you with peace of mind and the opportunity to spend valuable time with your loved ones. We understand that housekeeping may not be your forte, but fortunately, it’s ours!

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