Meet the Management

Our management team is made up of hard working, respectful people with a passion for creating that feeling of clean that you look forward to when you come home.  We are all constantly looking for new ways to do things better, to serve our customers better, and to make sure we live up to our reputation each and every day.

From left-to-right: Tracy (office administrator), George (bookkeeping manager), Ashley (field manager), Zach (president/owner), Shelly (sales representative), Beth (operations manager).

Meet the Owner

Small businesses are the heart of what a community like Omaha is built upon. Knowing that the person you are doing business with is a part of the same community that you are gives a level of trust and certain sincerity to them, and this is something we do not take for granted.

Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew was founded by an Omaha resident in 2010, and was purchased by lifelong Nebraskan Zach Stephens in 2017. The business was founded based on strong values and genuinely caring about its customers, both characteristics of Zach’s previous business and what he was seeking in a new venture.

Owner Zach Stephens with wife Tobie and their two miniature poodles Rusty and Sadie

Zach has been married to his wife Tobie since 2014, and lives in Bennington with their two dogs, Rusty and Sadie. Zach has been a lifelong entrepreneur, and was the proud owner of an industrial recycling company for 12+ years alongside his father. Upon his father developing a then undiagnosed Parkinson’s Disease they sold their company in order to further seek answers and care for him. After a period of time, Zach was able to step back into business ownership, this time in an industry he felt even more passion for.

You will find that Zach is passionate about two things: business, and homes. Successfully running a small business where the teams feel both engaged and supported is an immensely rewarding activity for Zach. Knowing that many employees feel that they’ve found “their place” when working for Pink Shoe is a sign to Zach that he’s succeeding. Much the same way, when he hears customers compliment the company on the level of communication and care that is given, he knows that things are on the right track.

Additionally, Zach LOVES homes. A home to him has the potential to be a restorative place, where people can rest, clear their mind, and enjoy time with their family. The home must represent the owners and their interests, and it must be organized and clean to give the most measurable peace of mind. Owning a business that gets to serve those that love their homes enough that they want to enjoy them this way is equally rewarding to Zach, and is something he is very grateful for.