Home Care How-To: Summer AC Care Trips

Our goal at Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew is to give you a clean home that you can thoroughly enjoy. Part of making sure you can enjoy that clean home is having a comfortable indoor climate that allows you to relax and unwind. As the recent summer heat envelops our state, our air conditioners that are keeping us cool can be putting up a fight each and every day.

There are a handful of things we can and should do as homeowners, to best care for the systems that make our lives comfortable.

  1. Keep Air Filters Clean – Make sure that you are regularly changing the filters in your air handling systems. If you are doing any sort of house work it is often wise to change the filters more frequently for the duration of the project, as dust is hard to avoid.
  1. Give the AC Unit Space – Make sure that the location of your AC condenser unit (the outdoor part) is free to breathe. Make sure no belongings are leaned against it, or stored too close to it.
  1. Keep the AC Unit Clean – Keep an eye on your AC condenser unit, and if dust, leaves, cotton, etc. have built up on it grab a hose and rinse those off.
  1. Keep Return Vents Clear – The better your home can circulate air, the better it will do at efficiently keeping the temperature comfortable. Return vents are where the air goes back to the system (hence the “return”). Without the ability to have that returning air, the system will be somewhat choked, and will not circulate cold air to the best of its ability.
  1. Monitor Supply Vents – The supply vents are where the air from the system is supplied to your home. Pay attention to these, and how different areas of your home feel. If an area is too cold, it may be advisable to partially close the supply grill and/or damper if there is one within the ductwork just past the grille. If a room is too hot, triple check that the supply vent is in fact open and not covered by furniture or other items.
  1. Understand Your Thermostat – With smart thermostats these days, some have a mind of their own and will make changes without your permission. Make sure you understand the way your thermostat works, and that it is set to your desired temperature at the specific times you want it to be.
  1. Have A HVAC Checkup – If you feel your system isn’t doing well enough, it can often be worth a call to a reputable local company. There are many different reasons a system can be underperforming, and generally it’s much better to address the issue before it leads to larger and more expensive issues.

If you have more specific questions, always refer to your local HVAC contractor. They are often an undervalued resource until the AC isn’t working and it’s 90 or 100 degrees out!

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