Cleaning Tips for Back to School This Fall 2021

The start of the school year is one of the busiest times for parents – and the messiest. Your schedule fills up between work and running kids to class and after-school events, leaving little time to keep your home clean. But a messy home will only add to your stress! Try these tips to make keeping a clean home more manageable and your life more comfortable.

Organization is Key

The best way to prevent messes before they happen is with well-organized spaces. In closets that tend to pile up with things stuffed into them, use labeled bins and install low-cost wire shelving to give each category of things its own space. That way, if you’re rushing to put something away before walking out the door, you’ll save yourself some time.

And what about all of the papers your children will bring home, plus your own work papers, plus bills? The best way to prevent a mound of loose paper from taking over your tables and countertops is with a simple filing system. You can use a filing cabinet or even standalone file containers. Label or color-code them so that you and your kids each have a spot for important papers you want to hold onto.

Keep a Running To-Do List

While this may seem like a constant reminder of all of the chores you have waiting for you, it’s much less stressful to look at than a growing mess without an idea of where to start. There are plenty of apps that you can use which can send reminders to keep you on track. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, keep a sticky note or a whiteboard on the fridge with your weekly chores. You can even designate days for specific chores, like cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming and dusting, cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, your kitchen, and more. Breaking down your to-do list by day will save you from accumulating tons of chores that will eat up free time over the weekend.

Invest in Better Cleaning Equipment

If you’re still hanging onto that tired old mop or a collection of beaten-up rags, then replacing these items could make your cleaning routine much more efficient. Newer models of mops take much less effort to use and are more effective at scrubbing floors. Microfiber towels can pick up all of the dust on their first swipe, so you don’t have to go over a surface again and again. And when was the last time you changed your air filters? You’ll notice a clear difference in air quality and lingering dust with brand new air filters.

Get Some Help from Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew

Let’s be honest; no one can juggle kids at school, work, social life, and cleaning chores without dropping a ball every now and then. If you feel like there’s not enough time in the day for everything you need to do, let us help! Our professional crew can come by weekly or bi-weekly to take care of your daunting list of chores. We’ll leave your home cleaner than ever and give you back precious time to focus on more important things.

If that sounds like a nice change of pace to you, check out our services and get an estimate!

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