Golden 2021 New Year balloons

Starting Fresh In the New Year

The new year has arrived and we can finally say goodbye to one of the hardest years we’ve had, but you made it through! The beginning of a new year comes with lots of good feelings. Its refreshing to prepare for another year of new experiences, memories, and opportunities. It’s also a great time to set new goals for yourself, things you would like to accomplish that make you feel happier. 

One of the best things you can do when a new year comes, especially with the cold winter weather, is set aside some time to deep clean the inside of your house. It’s easier to keep to a house cleaning schedule if you start off on a good foot right when the year begins. After a busy holiday season, it’s easy to forget some low traffic or even less thought of areas in your house, and it’s a good time to replace things that need it. 

Wash comforters. This is an easy one to forget, but regularly washing your comforter or duvet cover is so important! Lots of dust and dirt can get trapped in them and make for a bad nights sleep, and who doesn’t like falling asleep in a nice, warm, clean bed?

Organize junk drawers and spare closets. Lots of us are guilty of the junk drawer, or closet where all our random items go, and it can get messy fast. Now is a great time to pull everything out, get rid of the things you don’t use anymore, and organize the stuff that needs to stay. One great idea is to get dividers for drawers and bins for closets so that all the stuff without a home now has a designated spot. It’ll make your life easier and you won’t have to go digging through every time you need something. 

Clean our refrigerator. Something we use every single day, but doesn’t get cleaned nearly enough. Whether for you this means wiping down the inside, drawers and handles, or maybe you’re a collector of old sauces. Either way, set aside some time to go through and deep clean your interior and exterior, and finally toss out the ketchup from four years ago. 

There’s no pressure to completely rearrange your life when the new year comes, but small changes that will improve small areas of your life is something we can all benefit from. Whether that’s tomorrow or next week, you deserve a clean house. If you need some extra help this year Pink Shoe Cleaning Crew of Omaha, Nebraska is available to make your house sparkle and shine. Happy New Year!

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