Addressing Safety First

At Pink Shoe we are treating the COVID-19 virus situation very seriously, and have compiled information for all of our customers below to detail our precautions.

Precautions We Are Taking:

  • All cleaning staff has been asked to stay at home if they or anyone in their household has exhibited symptoms of the flu or COVID-19. All appropriate measures and waiting times will be followed with extreme caution if/when this occurs. 
  • All cleaning staff will put on a new set of disposable nitrile gloves before entering each home, and those will be discarded at the end of the cleaning after sanitizing equipment at the vehicle. As is usual, gloves will be changed after any area such as a toilet, without touching any surface with bare hands.
  • All staff must be wearing a surgical or other CDC recommended mask inside the home at all times.
  • Temperatures are being taken every morning for each staff member, to ensure nobody with a fever is working
  • We are sanitizing equipment between homes if it has touched a previous home. This means the vacuums are sprayed, as well as our cleaning caddies and cloth bag.
  • We use new cloths and new mop covers at each home. Our mop heads are pre-soaked in our sanitizing all-purpose cleaner at the beginning of the day and sit in the solution until used.
  • Our main cleaning product that we have used for over a year is a green certified cleaning agent that is composed of hydrogen peroxide and orange oil in a proprietary blend from a company called Envirox. It is both a sanitizer against bacteria and virucide against viruses.
  • All cleaning cloths have always been and will continue to be laundered with not only a detergent, but an added sanitizer. This is not something new for us, but we want to let you know that this has long been a focus for us to ensure the highest safety possible for our customers.
  • If a cleaning crew arrives to a home and learns than anyone in the home is ill, they are instructed to leave immediately and contact management so all precautions can be made. They will not travel to another home unless we can be certain there is no risk of exposure to additional customers.
  • We are in contact with specific companies across the nation sharing best practices as we learn and evolve with this viral outbreak.
  • We are monitoring industry guidance provided to us by our professional memberships.

Our Request of Our Customers:

The number one thing we are asking from our customers is for clear communication if you or anyone in your household has been experiencing flu-like symptoms or has tested positive for the flu or COVID-19. In these instances all precautions are going to be taken to ensure there is no chance of spreading the illness. 

Got a question or comment about our service? Feel free to drop us a line anytime.  Hit the envelope above to email us, or call 402-330-0930.