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Quick Spring Clean Tips

Even when your house cleaning service visits on a regular basis, the arrival of spring gets us all ready to
clean and freshen. There’s nothing like a spring breeze through the open windows! If this weather
inspires you to spring clean, use your seasonal burst of energy to hit some of these key areas. Choose
the tasks that will give YOU the most satisfaction.

  1. Bedding. Strip all your comforters and blankets and get those into the washing machine (per
    care tags). Freshen bed pillows in the dryer by tumbling with wool dryer balls dotted with
    lavender essential oil or use dryer sheets. As you work your way down your spring cleaning list,
    transfer clean bedding from washer to dryer, then re-make beds with fresh sheets.
  2. Mix up a multi-purpose cleaner. For odor neutralization and gentle all-purpose cleaning, mix ½
    cup baking soda with two gallons of warm water in a large bucket. Blend until no longer gritty,
    and use with a sponge or mop to clean most any surface in your home.
  3. Clear clutter. Take a sweep through your main floor rooms and get instant gratification by
    clearing junk, paper and other collected stuff from surfaces. And don’t transfer the piles—purge
    as you go. Is the clutter actually something timely or important, or can it be recycled or
    donated? Don’t be afraid to simply throw it away.
  4. Windows. Let the sun shine! Forget about that blue spray and paper towel. Invest in a high-
    quality microfiber window cloth and clean chemical-free. If this job isn’t for you, leave it to the
    professionals. Home cleaning services have the right tools and can likely complete this more
    efficiently than you can.
  5. Refrigerator. How long has it been since you really looked in your fridge? Empty the appliance
    completely. Then wash down shelving, drawers and surfaces (inside and out) with warm, soapy
    water before returning the fresh and edible food and condiments.

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